Ped Egg


In essence, Ped Egg provides an inexpensive way of making your feet look beautiful. It comes with an order form for replacement blades and buffer pads. One of the biggest problems Pedi Egg faces is the inferior quality of its blades. After just a few uses I noticed that the blades were already worn.

Ped egg is an amazing manual product. designed for function and convenience. The Ped egg is available at drug stores and discount stores everywhere. Ped egg is about four inches long, shaped like a large egg and comes apart in the middle. Ped egg is a new way to remove calluses and dead skin from your feet and make them silky smooth. Ped egg is a remarkable micro-file that effortlessly removes dead skin and calluses easier than many other competitors.

When used on damp skin, Ped Egg is more effective than a pumice, but less effective (but much safer) than using a razor blade to remove callouses. I have found that the thick skin on my heals has a slightly rough texture after I use the metal part of the Ped Egg. I would then still need to smooth it using the provided rough pad or a pumice stone. This should then give you the near-spa pedicure results. However, you may have to work on your callouses for a while or make Ped Egg part of your daily or weekly routine until your feet are at the standard you require.

After using the Ped Egg for the first time your feet may be slightly tender for a short time. The dead skin removed by the device will be collected within the device. However, I have noticed that the dead skin collected in the tray may fall out if the device is positioned on its side or upside down. So put down a towel on the ground when using the device.

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