Scholl Express Pedi


Living in the United Kingdom, we don't get much exposure to sunlight, but with the weather warming up and forecasts of 30 degrees, Within minutes of using this product, my feet were prepared for flip-flops and sandals. I've used foot files and creams before but they never seem to really help. When I saw the Scholl Express Pedi device I wanted to give it a go. It works brilliantly and requires minimum effort. However, it is one of the more pricy options. Replacement blades are also priced high.

The Scholl Express Pedi is of a similar size and shape as an electric shaver and feels nice to hold with the power switch under your thumb for easy operation. The Scholl Express Pedi is powered by 2x AA batteries (which are included by the manufacturer). The device is also covered by a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

The tag line on the product promises ‘professional hard skin removal at home’. This sounds like it would be the type of skin remover I could use easily with the most minimum effort. The Scholl Express Pedi uses a roller to remove hard skin, so you don’t have to scrub away with foot files or pumice stones. It’s surprisingly effective.  You just apply the rotating file to your rough skin. Within moments any rough and dry skin was removed and true to their motto, with the most minimal effort.

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